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Gregarine | Definition of Gregarine by Merriam-Webster- Gregarine Ölseife ,Gregarine definition is - any of a subclass (Gregarinia) of parasitic vermiform sporozoan protozoans that occur especially in insects and other invertebrates.Gregarinasina - WikipediaGregarinasina A live specimen of a septate (or cephaline) gregarine showing the distinctive "head"-like section of the trophozoite containing the epimerite at its anterior end.Septate gregarines are intestinal parasites of arthropods.: Scientific classification; Domain:

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Gregarine definition, a type of sporozoan parasite that inhabits the digestive and other cavities of various invertebrates and produces cysts filled with spores. See more.

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Efficacy of eleven antimicrobials against a gregarine ...

Gregarine parasite. We used an unknown species of Gregarina.Placement into this genus was based on trophozoite with papillae shaped epimerite, early association, and gametocysts dehiscing through multiple sporoduct (Fig. 1A-D) [1,11] (Johny and Whitman, unpubl.).The natural occurrence and host range of this specific parasite is unknown.

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Gregarina - Tree of Life Web Project

Some gregarine oocysts might be transmitted with host gametes during copulation (e.g. Monocystis, see Fig. 5). In either case, four or more sporozoites (depending on the species) equipped with an apical complex eventually escape from the oocysts (Fig. 4, steps 8 and 1), find their way to the appropriate body cavity and penetrate the host cells.

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Gregarine definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Gregarine definition: any parasitic protozoan of the order Gregarinida, typically occurring in the digestive... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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Gregarine, any protozoan of the sporozoan class Gregarinidea (or Gregarinea). Gregarines occur as parasites in the body cavities and the digestive systems of invertebrates. Representative genera are Monocystis in earthworms and Gregarina in locusts and cockroaches. Long and wormlike, gregarines may reach a length of 10 mm (0.4 inch).

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